My Week in Review 1/21

My Week in Review 1/21

So..How Was It?

Wells Fargo…Again

Oh. My. Gosh. I had to visit Wells Fargo again, and once again they messed everything up. At least it was in the accounting department this time, not in customer service. But wait! If a bank fails at Customer Service AND the back end (accounting) what else do they have? NOTHING. So glad I bank elsewhere!

101 on 1001

Remember my 101 in 1001 List? Well, I am moving forward. When I wrote the list I thought, “Some of these are so easy to accomplish!” But guess what? They aren’t as easy as I thought. I ALMOST had one thing crossed off my list! I was supposed to print out the list so I could blog about all my completions.

But then I had no ink.

After I bought ink I realized I had no paper.

After I bought the paper I printed the list – thinking I was going to be able to cross that off.

But then I lost the list.


So today, I will print the list and pin it on a wall somewhere so I don’t lose it. UGH.

Polar Plunge – I am on my way!

Yep! At the end of the week I will be heading out to the Polar Plunge in Blowing Rock…BRRRRR.  But that’s not all! We will be staying at the Cliff Dwellers Inn which looks like such a cool hotel with a view of Chetola Lake! If we were playing it safe we would just watch the Polar Plunge from our room, but that’s no fun is it??? The Polar Plunge is just the tip of the ice berg at Winterfest in Blowing Rock! I can’t wait to explore!

Karma – Bites You Back

Ok, Ok, just like all of you sometimes I don’t have very good days. Sometimes a reality check has to put your thinking back into perspective. So one night last week Reece, Betsy and I were at a restaurant. There were these 3 kids who had spilled water and did not tell anyone. It was all over the floor for people to step or slip in. But they were playing in it. The bad side of me thought, “Where are their parents? Why aren’t they cleaning it up!? Why aren’t they telling anyone! Such bad manners!” Yes, I was saying those things in my head. Not even a minute later, I spilled my drink. Down my shirt. On my pants. On the floor. Yep – Karma Bites you back! Business Spotlight

Dinner anyone? Why not try one of these Charlotte restaurants for lunch or dinner?

Grid Iron – Live music sometimes too!

Terrace Cafe – Specials all the time!

See you next week!

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