I Want to Go Back to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge #Brandcation

I Want to Go Back to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge #Brandcation

Seriously. I want to go back to Dollywood in Pigeon Forge….NOW!

During the Brandcation – Blog Cabin event we were able to spend the day at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, and while I have been there before, it has been many years and I had forgotten how much I loved it.

Super Cool Fact

I did not find one person employed at Dollywood that did not have a smile on their face. Every shop we entered, every entertainer, every person we met was full of smiles and hospitality and treated me like I was the only visitor. Man I bet Dolly is proud of her staff!

Dollywood is a different kind of amusement park. Yes, it has rides for all ages. Yes, it has awesome entertainment and attractions. Yes, it has yummy food. Yes, it has souvenir shops. So what makes is so much different? Let’s break it down!


Dollywood has rides for every age. From roller coasters to flying elephants. This year they opened Wild Eagle, America’s first wing roller coaster!

winged roller coaster, dollywood, things to do in pigeon forge

While we were there, the Discovery Channel just happened to be filming for a show on roller coasters and some of my blogging friends were able to ride the Wild Eagle for the show! While I didn’t ride the Wild Eagle I know it is a ride my family would totally go on! The Wild Eagle seats riders on either side of the track so they don’t have anything above or below them! Scary! Exciting! Isn’t that why you ride coasters?! Plus, it is 21 stories high!! YIKES!

winged roller coaster, dollywood, things to do in pigeon forge, wild eagle dollywoodOther attractions/rides include:

Adventure MountainMan!!! I could imagine my family on this! They would L.O.V.E it! This attraction has two acres of mountain terrain where visitors choose from three different courses that range from easy to expert and will keep them active from 15 minutes to an hour! There are also over 100 rope features and the trails run from 26 inches above ground to 26 feet! Woop!

For those who aren’t quite as adventurous or have small children, no worries there are plenty of rides and attractions for you too!

I could name off all the attractions, but you should probably check out Dollywood for all the great information!


There were so many shows to watch, people singing and dancing on stages, and wildlife shows, I was really surprised. I guess my biggest surprise was when we were eating lunch at Granny Ogle’s Ham and Beans, a show started on the stage right next to us. We sat and enjoyed our lunch and listened to “Mountain Joy” (I think) at the Valley Theatre.  Here is the best part. Most of the time at amusement parks your senses are overwhelmed with everything going on. You are on sensory overload, so when Mountain Joy started playing and singing, I was so happy to be listening to it. It was peaceful, joyful music that relaxed you instead of overwhelmed you. It made you want to just sit and relax and take in the beautiful scenery.

There are many shows including singing, comedy, country, blue grass, and even animals. We happened upon the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary. It is a 30,000-square-foot aviary that houses the country’s largest presentation of non-releasable bald eagles. Have you seen a bald eagle up close? They are the most majestic creature I have ever seen.

Right next to the Eagle Mountain Sanctuary is where the Wings of Prey Birds of America show plays. While it was not scheduled right then, you are still able to walk by the birds that are in the show. And boy, they are beautiful. All birds of prey at Dollywood are under the care of the American Eagle Foundation which is authorized to possess birds for education, exhibition, rehabilitation and breeding under permits from the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.


In the morning, we had the pleasure of stopping at the Spotlight Bakery where our eyes and tummies were delighted with every sweet you can imagine! I had already eaten breakfast, but some of the girls got cinnamon buns that were as big as their faces. I am so not joking! The serving sizes of treats at the Spotlight Bakery were HUGE!

Check out all the yumminess!


We were treated to a lunch at Granny Ogle’s Ham and Beans and were delighted with a seriously down home, country cooked meal!

It started with the cornbread.

Then we had the Fronie’s Sampler which consists of Cades Cove pot roast and Cades Cove pit ham with mashed potatoes, pinto beans, turnip greens and fruit cobbler.  Seriously…The Cades Cove pit ham with mashed potatoes made my mouth water….I really wanted more of it.

And then, the piece de resistance….the fruit cobbler. Can someone please pinch me? My mouth was in heaven!


Dollywood has the most amazing shopping I have seen at any amusement park. Ever. Seriously. I could have shopped all day in Dollywood! Not only did they have the regular souvenir shops, they also had shops like Custom Glassworks where you could watch glass being blown, or the Batter’s Box where you could buy hand made, real wood, custom bats!

Or even a Touch of Ireland where you could find almost anything “Irish”. From clothing, to jewelry, to music and more.

The best thing about the shops at Dollywood is that their prices were really reasonable. I was really in shock that items weren’t marked up more. And I am not the only one who noticed. The girls that were with me also noticed the same thing. I guess that is why we were able to actually buy stuff for our families (or even ourselves!).

The Best Thing About Dollywood?

As you might have guessed, the best thing about Dollywood in my opinion, was the atmosphere. The people, the music, the sights, and the sounds. It was like walking in the most friendly, peaceful neighborhood you have ever been in.

Now, some people might disagree with me and say the rides were the best or the food was the best, but that just goes to show how well rounded an amusement park Dollywood is.

But I will tell you what. I came home and immediately started talking to my family about going back to Pigeon Forge and Dollywood. I can’t wait to go back!

Need more information on Dollywood?

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Note: The trip to Pigeon Forge was hosted by Brandfluential. I received complimentary entry into Dollywood, no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

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