I Live in the South and Yes, I Hate Sweet Tea

Now, no one come at me with pitch forks, I am just being honest here. I hate tea. I hate sweet tea. I hate green tea, purple tea, orange tea. I hate any beverage with the word “tea” in it.

It is true you know…once you get “sick” over a drink, it is difficult to ever drink it again. And that is precisely what happened to me. When I was in 1st or 2nd grade, I was at a birthday party where they were serving tea. Apparently I drank too much, by the middle of the party I was sitting on the sidewalk puking my guts out.

I have not drank tea since. If I accidentally take a sip of my sons or husbands tea, I don’t swallow it. I find somewhere to spit it out, as unladylike as that is. That is how bad it tastes to me. But not only can I not stand the taste, I cannot even stand the smell. YUCK!

Unfortunately, I do find myself having to use tea bags every once in a while. It is true – If you have puffy eyes and you soak tea bags in cold water and place them on your eyes for 20 minutes they really do take the swelling down!

So what’s worse? Gagging over the smell of tea bags to have unpuffy eyes? Or having puffy eyes? That decision was made a little easier when I decided to use a laundry clip to hold my nose shut.

So picture it:

There I am, laying on the couch with a laundry clip attached to my nose, tea bags hanging off my eyes. Reece walks in and says ,”Oh my Gosh Mom! What are you doing?” and proceeds to bust out laughing.

But hey..my eyes are no longer swollen ; -)

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