Fancy Full Gifts – Best Little Gift Shop in Charlotte

Fancy Full Gifts – Best Little Gift Shop in Charlotte

Sometimes you just know when you are going to like a shop. You just know it. When I walked in and saw what Fancy Full Gifts had to offer, I knew I was going to like it. How in the world was I going to walk out without buying anything! “Self Control Little Grasshopper, self control!” my internal self was yelling at me!

Fancy Full Gifts is one of the best gift shops in Charlotte. Well ok, it is not in Charlotte, but it is centrally located in downtown Mint Hill. It is located within Homestyles Gallery &  Specialty Shops, but Fancy Full Gifts also offers some of their products online as well. Fancy Full Gifts has everything you need when looking for that special gift for someone or even yourself. Janice, the owner of Fancy Full Gifts, prides herself in promoting products that are made in the USA, promoting companies that are eco-friendly and that give back to their communities. She also believes that the less chemicals we have in our bodies, the less chemicals we have on our skin, the better which is why she created the Full Body Care line of Botanical Oils.

Full Body Care Skincare is a safe and simple product line of botanical blends of nourishing body oils. No essential oils are used in their blends because, even though essential oils have tremendous healing and medicinal properties, the Full Body Care Skincare products are used on babies, the elderly, and customers who have auto immune diseases and cancer. Many people are sensitive to various smells, and the skin of babies and the elderly is much more sensitive.

Full Body Care Skincare are unscented as well as soothing and healing for various skin problems. However, if you prefer a subtle scent, the Hair, Skin and Nails Serum is made with Gardenia.

Full Body Care Skincare has four blends currently available:

Botanical Blend, Organic Argan Oil, Hair, Skin and Nails Serum, Olive Healthy Skin

SHHHHHHH! Can you keep a secret??? Fancy Full Gifts and All Things Cloth are sponsoring a giveaway on my site next week!! That will be your chance to try these awesome oils!!! I can’t say anymore….I think I let the cat out of the bag!

But Fancy Full Gifts is more than just oils! Check out all the other great products they offer.

Key Finder

I am banging my head on the wall right now thinking, “Why didn’t I pick this up when I was there?!” BANG BANG. Attach your keys to this purse charm, and hang it on the side of your purse, adding a little bling to your purse, but then you will also be able to find your keys quickly. BANG BANG….My head hurts from all this head banging. The Key Finder is a great idea and useful gift for all ages. I don’t care how big or small my purse is…I can NEVER find my keys….BANG BANG.

Melissa & Doug Toys

Melissa & Doug products are superior, in my opinion, to other children’s gifts in that they offer something you can’t really find any more. They offer the chance for kids to use their imagination, their brains and Fancy Full Gifts has a whole section of Melissa and Doug items at reasonable prices. When doing your gift shopping this year, don’t forget to stop by Fancy Full Gifts if you want Melissa and Doug products. And thank goodness Betsy wasn’t with me….She would have tried to talk me into buying her something and I was having a hard time walking out of there without anything for myself!

Blue Avocado Eco Friendly Products

When you are looking at the Blue Avocado Eco Friendly Products at Fancy Full Gifts, look at their tags. It shows the how many water bottles have been saved and how many it took for that item. Is that awesome or what? But not only are these products eco-friendly, they are super cute too! Check out this lunch bag. I totally want it.

The Naked Bee

Awww….poor little bee doesn’t have any clothes? NO! It just means the Naked Bee products are Paraben-Free, have no propylene glycol or mineral oil, no dyes or pigment, no lauryl or laureth sulfate, and absolutely NO animal testing. A very popular line, Fancy Full Gifts offers a wide selection of The Naked Bee products including Foot Balm, Hand & Cuticle Salve, Soap, Hand & Body Lotion, Body Wash, Lip Balm, and more. I would be shocked if you f you can’t find your favorite Naked Bee product at Fancy Full Gifts.

Shainsware Jewelry

oh. em. gee. My daughter would go nuts over the wide selection of Shainesware Jewelry that Fancy Full Gifts has on hand! Shains are recycled accessories that encourage and empower people to make their own statements and change them whenever they want! Fancy Full Gifts has many Shains items including, bracelets & cuffs, necklaces, starter packages, and even the notebooks which was awarded the Creative Childs Kids Product of the Year Award in 2011! Shains Element 4 Packs are only 1.00!

All For Color

Really? Can this shop just have one thing my daughter or I would not want?! I am so into colorful things, things that make me smile, cute things that put me into a good mood, and so is my daughter…Which is why I loved seeing the All For Color Products at Fancy Full Gifts. All For Color is a colorful and trendy line of coordinating accessories. They are stylish and functional, and make great gifts for all ages. They have ear buds, paddle brushes, the tech case, the IPAD/tablet holder and cell phone case.

Fancy Full Gifts in Indian Trail offers a lot more gift ideas and products but this post will never end if I keep going. BUT WAIT! Remember my Flying Wish Paper experience? Fancy Full Gifts will also be offering Flying Wish Paper. You cannot miss this one of a kind gift!

You can find Fancy Full Gifts at:

11237 Lawyers Rd.
Mint Hill, NC

(Located inside Homestyles Gallery & Specialty Shops.)

But never fear! If you live to far away, Fancy Full Gifts also offers a lot of products online, just visit them at

To keep up to date on the latest products and happenings, you can find Fancy Full Gifts on Facebook too! They are new to Facebook, so any additional “Likes” would be greatly appreciated!

AND DON’T FORGET – Fancy Full Gifts and All Things Cloth will be sponsoring a giveaway next week so keep your eyes out!

*Note – Product was provided in order to help facilitate the store review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed are my own.

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