Having a Hard Time Falling Asleep Because of Aches and Pains? Try the New SleepHelp app Along with Advil PM + Giveaway!

Having a Hard Time Falling Asleep Because of Aches and Pains? Try the New SleepHelp app Along with Advil PM + Giveaway!

If you are one of the lucky people who have no problem falling asleep ever….then I am totally jealous of you. I am not one of those people who falls asleep at the drop of a hat and add stress or aches and pains? You can forget about it. That is why I was stoked when I was offered the opportunity to check out the new free SleepHelp app from Advil PM.


The SleepHelp app helps you understand your personal sleep patterns and sleep routines to help you sleep better and get more out of your days.  The app’s Sleep Better alarm features recommended sleep times and Wind Down Alerts based on your desired wake up time and individual circadian rhythm. I installed the SleepHelp app from Advil PM, set my alarm for 5:45 and found out it suggested three different bed times for me…one of them was  8:45 pm. Oh how I wish! The SleepHelp app also had a lot of suggestions on how to get a better night sleep like not drinking caffeine at least 8 hours before bed. Oh, you mean my soda at 9:30 pm is going to keep me up? Darn it! (No, I seriously do drink soda that late….shame on me, no wonder I can’t fall asleep!)

Other Sleep Tips include:

  • What types of foods can help you sleep
  • Why you should sing if you snore
  • How to create a sleep oasis
  • The ideal temperature for sleeping
  • How to handle noisy partners


The SleepHelp app essential tips are rated by actual users and tries to help you through every stage of sleep—from winding down before bed to getting through the day after a difficult night’s rest.

You can download the FREE SleepHelp sleep app from AdvilPM and start getting the most out of every night! And don’t forget the coupon for Advil OM on located in the app!

Advil as been a trusted pain relief product in my house for years, so trying Advil PM when I was having a rough time falling asleep last week due to the loss of my dear dog Chloe, was a no brainer. I was glad to have it on hand. I used all the products in the Rest and Relaxation gift pack I received, including the fleece blanket, memory foam neck pillow, hot/cold eye mask, and of course, the Advil PM. I followed the instructions on the Advil PM bottle and was finally able to fall asleep which is what I really needed.


Have you trued the Advil PM SleepHelp app yet? What about Advil PM? Well, here is your chance to try and win the same rest and relaxation gift pack  I received. One reader will win:

–          Samples of Advil PM

–          Fleece blanket

–          Memory Foam Neck Pillow

–          Hot / Cold Gel Eye Mask
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*Note: I was given the above gift pack to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

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