Handmade With Love Mother’s Day Items & Book Review

As a blogger, one of the things I love most is people who are following their heart and starting a business that they love. I was contacted by Cherie, who happens to be a dog lover like me, but who also creates all sorts of crafts, oils, and candles, and has even written her own book!

Cherie has been making her “crafts” as a hobby and currently sells to her friends and family and is looking to expand her customer list. She does not have a website yet, but it is definitely on the short list of things to get done..along with publishing her book! In the meantime, I will tell you about some of the items she has to offer.


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I received several samples of the Oils she creates. Currently, some of her scents include Eucalyptus, Rain in Roses, Northwoods Christmas, One Sexy Evening, and American Summer.

When I opened up the box all of the items came in, immediately I was created with a scent that I HAD TO FIND! It turns out it was Rain in Roses Scent. Quickly I looked for directions on how to use this oil!

You can use the oil:

In bath water
Oil Rings (light bulb)
In Potpourri
Drawer Sachet (Dip cotton ball in oil and wrap in coffee filter)
On dryer sheets

I actually used some of the Rain in Rose in my house, I dipped a cotton ball in the oil, and placed it out of site at the entrance to my house. My husband came home a few hours later and could not stop saying how great our house smelled! I am definitely going to have to get some more of that!

“Rag Dolls”

Cherie makes “rags dolls from hand towels. How cute is this?

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She makes several different styles including a lady in curlers, butterfly, chef, and gardener. She can also make holiday theme dolls too. For example Halloween, Easter, Valentines, Christmas just to name a few.

Candles/Bath Salts

I also received samples of a handmade candle and bath salts. The candle smelled delicious and the bath salts I just could not get enough of!


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Cherie hand makes her jewelry and from the sample I received, she does a wonderful job!


Book about Shelter Dogs

Recently, Cherie has written the book, “A Beautiful Husky Needs a Home“. Told from the perspective of Runa, Cheri’s adopted Husky, the book takes us through Runa’s days at a “kill” shelter and when the day finally arrives for her to be put down, she finds his true family, Cherie.

The story is an easy read, but is very thoughtful and gives a nice perspective of what it might be like for a dog living in a shelter, especially a bigger dog – you know, the ones that are harder to adopt? Being a dog advocate myself and a shelter supporter, I think it is great that a portion of the proceeds of this book will be donated to shelters!

All of the unique crafts and book Cherie has created make for wonderful, homemade Mother’s Day Gifts.

Like I said previously, Cherie does not yet have a website, but if you are interested in any of her products, please contact me at katie at katietalkscarolina dot com and I will put you in touch with her.

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