Fun, Food, and Golf Cart Follies at the James McLean Golf Tournament

Fun, Food, and Golf Cart Follies at the James McLean Golf Tournament

It’s become tradition you know, to go the annual James McLean Golf Tournament benefiting HomeTown Heroes. I mean, why on earth would you miss an event that brings people together on a day to share a round of golf …and fun…and laughter…and food…and, of course, the golf cart follies. This year, I did not get sunburned like I did two years ago and I did not have pneumonia like I did last year. I would say this was the best year yet (at least for me! HA!)


Each year the James McLean Golf Tournament is held and all proceeds are given to HomeTown Heroes, you know, the organization to help children affected by cancer? This year it was held at WestPort Golf Club in Denver, NC. There were 6 teams, but with the 50/50 raffle, the mulligan purchases, and the raffle ticket purchase, those six teams should pat themselves on the back because they raised a lot of money for the kids of HomeTown Heroes.


At 9:00 am it was tee off time and the 6 teams went off to separate holes on the golf course leaving Stacy and I to finish getting things ready and preparing ourselves to head out onto the links! Well, in a golf cart anyway.


Ahhh yes…’carting follies’ with Stacy. Driving the wrong way, having the brakes go out on us, breaking so fast I face-planted in the windshield, we got air over bumps….Should I go on? Of course, it was a fantastic time as always! Between all those follies, we visited each team and gave our applause and took some pictures.

Now, I took about 300 pictures, and every time I snapped a shot, I thought “Holy moly! I hope I didn’t ruin their shot!” I mean, look what happened after I was taking pictures.


While there may have been a club or two on the ground, it was all in good fun. No one was out there trying to kill each other. However, these teams were out there supporting HomeTown Heroes, but they were also out there playing to win!

Once the game was over, we were all treated to a superific delicious meal catered in by Texas Roadhouse Steak House (THANK YOU! IT WAS DELISH!).


It was then TROPHY TIME!

Trophies are handed out for the First and Second place teams, as well as “longest drive” on a couple of the holes.




And then, of course came the giveaways. These were giveaways based on raffle ticket purchases. Let’s just say I OD’d on purchasing raffle tickets. I probably had more than half the tickets in that raffle. Ok, Ok, I like to gamble on…anything OK? You caught me…But it’s OK, because all the raffle ticket money went straight to HomeTown Heroes!


I will definitely be back again next year….Because you know what it’s all about? The kids. And adults helping kids…Just like HomeTown Heroes slogan:


Want to know more about HomeTown Heroes? Visit them at HomeTown Heroes or find them on Facebook to keep up with all their latest activities.

See you soon!

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