Egg-tastic As Seen on TV – Review and Giveaway

Egg-tastic As Seen on TV – Review and Giveaway

I must be honest here. When I say you could scramble eggs in the microwave I was a non believer. but Egg-Tastic, an As Seen on TV product, proved me wrong.

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I thought, there is NO WAY I don’t have to get the pan, slather it with butter, crack the eggs, stir the eggs, add them to the pan, then watch them like a hawk for 20 minutes, constantly turning them so they don’t get burned. No way. That was impossible. WRONG.

Egg-Tastic was so easy, I don’t think I will ever look at making eggs the same way twice.

So what is Egg -Tastic?

As seen on TV, the Egg-Tastic is designed with a vented lid and unique ceramic dome to allow for optimal circulation of heat, sustaining the ideal cooking temperature to make moist scrambles, light and fluffy egg whites and perfect poached eggs. And the ceramic sides are nonstick, so your eggs cook without the need of oils, grease or fat — a healthy convenience! The Egg-Tastic is perfect for breakfast on the go, or ideal for making personalized scrambles for the family. Make large batches of scrambled eggs in minutes, or use the Egg-Tastic to make a breakfast sandwich or even cook rice. The Egg-Tastic is a must-have for busy kitchens and egg lovers!

  • Ceramic Egg-Tastic Egg cooker and vented lid
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Non-stick surface
  • Durable enough for whisk
  • Microwave safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Egg-Tastic can hold up to four large eggs at a time


Using the instructions given, in the Egg-Tastic box, I cracked 4 large eggs into the pod, whisked them slightly, put the top on and set time timer for 1 minute. When the timer dinged, I could tell the eggs were a little less done than I usually eat them, so I added another 45 seconds and they came out great! Maybe the more eggs you use, the more the cook time will be. Either way, once they were cooked properly, they tasted delicious!

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One thing I must note is, the ceramic pot used to cook the eggs in is REALLY hot. DO NOT try to take it out of the microwave without a glove, you will burn your hand!

Have you tried Egg-Tastic?

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What do you think?

The good news is, if you haven’t tried it, or want a second on, Egg Tastic Giveaway is giving one of my readers a chance to win one!
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