Newest Trend – TV’s at Gas Pumps?

When you pull up to a gas pump, for the most part you are there for one reason. TO PUMP GAS. Generally, updated gas stations will have some sort of music playing over a loud speaker. I don’t know why. Is that to soothe your mood because you are shelling out so much money? Maybe.  Or, is it that we just can’t seem to be able to listen to everyday noises anymore?

Well, my local BP Station has flown past the “music” phase. Completely flew by music and went straight to TV. Oh No. I am not joking. My local BP Station has TV screens ON EACH PUMP.

TV at Gas Station, Gas Station,

I literally started laughing when I saw this. What? Why do I need to watch TV when I pump my gas? Once I realized I had a TV screen in front of me I started watching it. Were they showing ads? Nope, not that I saw. The only thing I really noticed was that it was entertainment information (celebrities, musicians, etc) and they had some “fun fact” on the left hand side.

I stood there for 5 minutes pumping my gas and did not see one advertisement. So, if they are not using the TV for advertisement what in the world is it for? Are we that over stimulated that we cannot even pump our gas without being entertained?

TV at Gas Station, Gas Station,

Or wait, did they charge me a service fee for five minutes of cable access?

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