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katie, carolina, information on charlotte, charlotte, NCA transplant from California, I have taken the Carolinas by storm! I am a Charlotte, North Carolina blogger who writes about everything. Here you will find anything information about both North & South Carolina. From where to eat, where to buy, and to where to go. Trying new things has always been fun for me…and this is no different!

If it talks like a duck, walks like a duck, is yellow and is in water, then call it was it is…a duck. This is a blog, but more than a blog. On Katie Talks Carolina you will find post about my personal life, posts on recipes, easy crafts, and everything in between. I am not a “niche” blogger. I write about anything that interests me. It is hard to write about one topic and one topic only. I guess if I had to put myself in a niche it would be a “lifestyle” niche. You know, the lifestyle of a normal middle of the road family. People who like to cook, but aren’t Emeril Lagasse. People who like to craft, but aren’t Martha Stewart  – You know – the majority of us.

You will also find that I host product reviews and giveaways for companies both local and national. I also accept sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are paid advertorial articles on my site.

I am also hired by local companies to write about them. I will not tell you I like something if I don’t. I will not say how great something is if it wasn’t. When writing about companies I remain true to the facts, but if there is something special I like, I will say it.

I take pride in all my work and take my work seriously. You won’t find a harder worker than me. I have been blogging since 2009, but recently closed my other blog so I could focus on this one. I love reviewing new products and have experience writing reviews, hosting giveaways, and being a “brand ambassador”.

I am a soccer playing, caffeine addicted mom of two, who has an opinion! I put 110% into everything I do, work hard and play hard. I  closed my local magazine, City Unwrapped because I could not find the right sales person. Our community loved the magazine. But it wasn’t just a magazine…it was a website that promoted those businesses that advertised with us as well. I am hoping one day to resurrect City Unwrapped. If you know anyone that might be interested in talking to me about it, by all means, email me!

Services Offered

Local Business write ups – Includes social media promotion – Contact me for rates.

Sponsored posts – Contact me for rates.

Reviews & Giveaways – Contact me for rates.

Book Reviews – Contact me for rates.

Social Media Services for your company –  Contact me for rates.

I am also looking for the right person to help me resurrect the local magazine City Unwrapped. Contact me.

If interested in any of these, please email me at katie at katietalkscarolina.com

See you soon!

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