My Week in Review 1/7/2011

This is what my week was like…

I learned I have road rage.

I had to drive to Uptown Charlotte two times this week….let’s just say the guy that was tailgating me was lucky I didn’t see a leaf on the ground…It may of meant me slamming on my brakes.

Reece earned his 3rd Degree Brown Belt and Betsy earned her 3rd Degree Green Belt in Karate.

Look out. Consider that fair warning.

I finally wrote the recipe for the Turtle Cheesecake!

This cheesecake was auctioned off for 80.00! All proceeds went to help HomeTown Heroes.

Received 10 book suggestions from friends, started reading The Help.

I need to read 10 book suggested by friends for one of my 101 in 1001 goals.

Figured out the HTC Evo 3D auto corrects.

I should have known this…but I didn’t so one of my friends received a text that said “popping tummy” instead of “ooooooo yummy” and another friend received addresses like this “hey 17 mr pleasant” instead of  “hwy 17 mt. pleasant”. Haaah!

Gave a Doggie Gift Basket to a newly adopted dog.

Tripped over wrapping paper.

Yes, I am learning I deserve the nickname “Grace” (as dubbed by my friend Stacy) when I trip over Christmas wrapping paper and my nose landed an inch from the dogs water bowl. Guess it’s time to put that wrapping paper away!

Had a “Diagnostic” Mammogram and Ultrasound

The stress and pain over losing my Mom to cancer in November really made this procedure all the more stressful. I didn’t tell anyone it was “diagnostic” – I guess I was playing the “head in the sand” card. However, besides feeling like I was put in a vice grip, everything came out normal!

I hope you all have great week!

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