Best Taco Dip Recipe EVER!

Best Taco Dip Recipe EVER!

Back away from my dip. No, I am not joking. Back away from this dip, because I do not want to share!

Looking for the BEST Taco Dip Recipe ….EVER? Then check this Taco Dip Recipe out. Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, you can whip this dip up very easily and believe me when I tell you – You will have NO LEFTOVERS from this dip!

Best Taco Dip Recipe

Best Taco Dip EVER!


2 8oz. cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup sour cream
1 8oz. mild or medium salsa

1lb ground beef, cooked & drained

chopped lettuce
tomato cubes
grated Cheddar cheese
sliced black olives (optional)
tortilla chips or nacho chips


Mix together cream cheese, sour cream, ground beef, and salsa.

Pour into a pie plate or bowl.

Top with chopped lettuce, tomato cubes and grated cheese. Add olives, if desired.

Serve with chips.

You better get some early or else it will be GONE!

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