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“My name is Edith Rosenbaum, but I am better known as Edith Russel…..I posted a letter in Queenstown, Ireland, describing Titanic as “the most wonderful boat you could think of. To say that it is wonderful is unquestionable, but not the cozy ship-board feeling of former years. Everyone is stiff and formal. I cannot get over my premonition of trouble. How I wish it were over!” It would be, and sooner than I could have imagined.”

This is just a snippet of the “Boarding Pass” I received when I went to the Titanic Museum. Each person entering the museum is given a “Boarding Pass” of an actual Titanic Passenger. Mine was Edith Rosenbaum. This in itself, made the tour much more real, like you were actually experiencing the Titanic the way your actual passenger did. Along with the boarding pass you are also given a hand held device to listen to the walking tour – Adults and kids each receive different versions.

The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge has over $4.5 million dollars in actual Titanic artifacts. Real letters, real newspaper clippings, real stories. Truly beautiful and unbelievable. It was really a learning experience for me. I am one of those people who is affected by the events of the Titanic. I mean, I can’t even really watch any movie all the way through about the Titanic because it is just so saddening to me. It is horrific. But, as sad as it is, I have read about it and think it is important because it is part of our history. I find it fascinating to read survivors stories. I find it heartbreaking to read about those that didn’t survive. And now, at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, the passengers and crew members of the Titanic have a voice.

During the self guided tour, you will find there are many interactive features on top of the wealth of artifacts of the Titanic.

You get to walk the exact replica of Titanic’s Grand Staircase.

You enter the Starry Night room where you can touch an iceberg and feel 28 degree water.

Do you know what 28 degree water feels like?

Can you imagine being stuck in 28 degree water for hours?

I cannot imagine what the Titanic passengers and crew had to go through.

You can shovel coal in the Boiler Room.

You can experience the Sloping Decks of the ship’s stern as the Titanic sank.

This was truly unbelievable to me. I just can’t imagine. This really touched me. I did not find it “fun” or funny trying to walk up the sloping decks. My heart actually started racing a bit trying to do this. I was thinking of those people who were trying to hold on. Trying to live. Trying to save themselves, their families, their children. It broke my heart. But I would not have changed a minute of it. If history doesn’t teach you anything, then why even bother learning it?

While not every feature of the Titanic Museum is interactive, you get to see what the inside of the Titanic actually looked like. How these people lived for 5 days before that fateful night.

We were able to see the actual size of a Third Class Passenger’s room. And boy, was it small.

We also got to see actual passenger articles of clothing, their bags, jewelry, etc.

And at one point when touring the Third Class Passenger area there was a clear wall. And through that wall you could see stairs going up, but a gate was blocking off entrance to those stairs. Closing off the Third Class Passengers. If you watched inside that wall with the gate for just a minute, water started trickling in, then the water got faster and faster and soon, you could see water gushing down, into the Third Class Passenger area, where those passengers were stuck. I couldn’t bear to watch it very long. It made me very sad.

The First Class Stateroom was very grand indeed. Oh, the beauty of the Titanic. It is truly unmatched.

There was even a Smoking Room and when I approached this room, I could smell a very faint smell of,  a cigar perhaps? It was really unbelievable. The smell was not overwhelming, and it was quite faint, but I smelled it and it made the room come alive. Like I could imagine a bunch of men sitting around smoking their cigars and talking about what happened that day. Not only was my sense of vision included, my sense of smell was also participating. It was almost like I was really there.

There is so much to see at the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge, I really can’t tell it all or this post will never end. However, remember that Boarding Pass I told you about? Where everyone who boards the Titanic Museum is given one? Well, at the end of the tour you are taken to the Memorial Room where you will find the fate of your passenger.

The Memorial Room lists all the survivors as well as the passengers that perished. It is truly amazing.

I would absolutely recommend you visit the Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge. It is moving. It is beautiful. It is something you will never forget, nor should you. I know when I go back, I will definitely take the rest of my family with me to the Titanic Museum.

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All photos in this post were provided by the Titanic Museum.

Note: The trip to Pigeon Forge was hosted by Brandfluential. I received entry into to this museum, no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

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