The Compliment Quotient Book Review & Giveaway

The Compliment Quotient Book Review & Giveaway

There is so much bad news in the world today, you can’t read or listen to anything without be inundated with the bad things people are doing, either on a small scale or a big scale, so I am always looking for a way to make my day better. To make someone else’s day better. I know when I do something for someone, or say something nice, that I truly mean, then not only have I made that persons day better (hopefully) I feel better because of that.

That is why when I had the opportunity to review “The Compliment Quotient” written by Monica Strobel, I was all over it!

About The Compliment Quotient:

“How do you maintain a joyful outlook when your busy life is often mired in frustration and resentments? Have you fallen into a habit of criticizing and miss the spark of romance with your spouse or desire a more positive connection with your children? And how can one person make a difference in a growing culture of callousness? The Compliment Quotient details one, simple practice that will transform your relationships and rally your spirits, as author Monica Strobel takes you on a light-hearted journey to understand the life-changing power of giving more and better compliments.

Learn how developing a compliment practice boosts your joy and sustains and enlivens all of your relationships—especially with yourself. In The Compliment Quotient, you’ll discover: why compliments are so powerful for the both the giver and the receiver; what is the difference between compliments and empty flattery or brown-nosing; ways to craft the most meaningful compliments; how compliments embody essential spiritual qualities; how to accept compliments graciously; and more.

Want an attitude and approach that yields a greater sense of well-being and joy in day-to-day doings? Deeper connections with loved ones and a rekindled romantic relationship? More ease and success in social situations and in life? Follow Monica Strobel’s Complimentology tips and exercises to raise your compliment quotient and be the loving presence you desire in the world.”

My Opinion

I loved this book. Loved it. The book is divided into 13 chapters and not only is it easy to read, it is well written, and has “exercises” or “tips” at the end of each chapter. It was so well written, I wanted to try each exercise the minute I read it. I guess you would call this book a “self-help” book, but really, it is more than “self help” because if you really worked on “upping” your “compliment quotient” then you would be nourishing and helping the people around you as well as yourself!

This book, it is not “teaching” you how to give compliments just to boost your ego or to make you feel better. As a matter of fact, Strobel indicates many times, some “compliments” are not compliments. If compliments are “brown nosing” (giving compliments for the wrong reasons) or they come with a catch (You look great in brown! It brings out the roots of your hair!), those are not real compliments.

Strobel wants us to notice the world around us and strengthen our close relationships. I, for one, am very busy. Sometimes when we get this busy, we forget to stop and “smell the roses”. And by that I mean, sometimes we don’t notice small things, nice things, and we really should. Towards the end of the book, there are chapters on how to use compliments on your closest relationships (spouse/partner, children, friends, etc.).

I think this is a great book and believe anyone, even the most cynical or the happiest person on earth could get something out of this book.

I know my Mom and my both of my sisters (who happen to be moms too!) deserve more compliments than I have given them, and so I am definitely going to work on my Compliment Quotient! How about you? Are you interested in working on your Compliment Quotient? Then enter the giveaway!


One lucky reader will win the book “The Compliment Quotient” AND a Set of 8  “Compliments to You Notecards” with a How to Write a Memorable Compliment Tip Sheet!

1. To enter, just leave a comment with  a compliment about your mother or other special female in your life, sister, grandmother, friend, etc.

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Disclosure: I was given the above item to me to help facilitate my review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

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