Laundry Room Makeover With the Help of the Hoover WindTunnel Air

Laundry Room Makeover With the Help of the Hoover WindTunnel Air

Two months ago:

Me: We need to clean out that laundry room.

Mel: We will.

One month ago:

Me: We need to clean out that disgusting laundry room.

Mel: We will.

Three weeks ago:


Mel: We will.

Two weeks ago:

Me: Have fun on your trip to Charleston.

Mel: We will.

The minute Mel and the kids stepped out the door I went straight to that laundry room.


I had to do something, but what could I possibly do in the three days they were gone??

A lot as a matter of fact!

First off, I had to remove everything in that laundry room except the washer and dryer, I did not want to unhook  them wrong. After cleaning all the junk out, I was even more disgusted with the filth that had piled up in there.

But that’s not even the worst of it. Once I moved the washer and dryer, I was so grossed out, I had to walk out of the room for a minute.

Look at that nastiness that can build up behind your washing and dryer.


I was then on a mission. To clean out that laundry room and make it a room that I don’t mind going in! The first step was to clean off the walls and make sure they were free of cobwebs. I used my new Hoover WindTunnel Air because it has these long arm attachments that can reach way up and way down. I was able to clear the walls of cobwebs without having to use a ladder thanks to the long attachments of the WindTunnel Air, then I used it to vacuum up the floor before I mopped it.

We have linoleum in our laundry room and the Hoover WindTunnel Air worked awesome on it! I love a vacuum that can be used on multiple surfaces!! It was my first experience using the Hoover WindTunnel Air and was definitely pleased!

But alas, it was not just vacuuming I had to do. Something had to be done in order to make the laundry look good. Not just, “ok the dust bunnies are cleaned up” but good in that, I wouldn’t mind if someone entered my laundry room. Good in that I would want to do laundry. Good in that there were not a million shelves on the walls collecting stuff we didn’t want or use. So off came the original shelves. Talk about having to use my muscle to get them off the wall. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought they were actually part of the house they were so hard to get off the walls.

Then I painted. And painted again.

I headed off to some local shops and found some useful shelves, a curtain, and some cute cubby boxes. I think in our small laundry room, two shelves were enough.

And VOILA! What do you think? I love it!


I actually do not mind going in that room any more and have no problem leaving the door wide open. When Mel and the kids came home they were shocked at what I did. And actually, I don’t think Mel was convinced I did this all by myself, but I did! Hmmm…what room should I tackle next?

Note: I received a sample of this product to facilitate my review, but my opinions are entirely my own.

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