Good Samaritan Hospital Charlotte – Historic Marker in Charlotte

Good Samaritan Hospital Charlotte – Historic Marker in Charlotte

Did you know Good Samaritan Hospital used to sit where the Panthers play (Bank of America stadium)?

It’s true! The Good Samaritan Hospital is believed to be the first privately funded hospital in the United States that operated exclusively for African American patients. The Good Samaritan Hospital was funded by St. Peter’s Episcopal Church and founded by Jane Smedberg Wilkes.

1891 – The hospital began operations under a Board of Managers – All women of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.

1925 – A large addition was built practically doubling the hospital in size.

1930’s  – Another wing was added, but by the 1950’s the church was having a hard time keeping up with the years and costs involved with running a hospital.

1959 – Memorial Hospital (Carolina’s Medical Center) agreed to take over the hospital.

1960 – 1961 – The Episcopal Church gave the church to the City of Charlotte.

It was used as a hospital until 1982 under the name, Charlotte Community Hospital.

Then, it functioned for a time as the Magnolias Rest Home.

However,i n 1990 the building was demolished to make room for what is now Bank of America Stadium.

The Historic marker for the Good Samaritan Hospital sits right in front on Bank of America Stadium now.

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