Straight from the Doggie’s Mouth: An Interview with Toby the Doggie

Owning a dog or getting a dog for the first time can be a big thing for a little kid. Aside from the added responsibility of taking care of a new dog, a child has to learn the likes and dislikes of their new doggie. Here to help us out with some tips for kids about taking care of a new dog is Toby the Doggie, star of the new kids e-book Toby the Doggie by seasoned writer, Sandy Fries.

Toby, tell us a little about yourself.

Well, I’m a doggie. I like playing with a skunk squeaky toy that all the humans call Stinky. I could do that and eat all day long! Oh, yeah, and get scratched too, I LOVE getting scratched!

What is your absolute favorite thing your owner, Sandy, does with you?

We play tug-of-war with Stinky. That’s the best! And eating chicken is the best. And when I give Sandy big, sad doggie eyes he always gives me cheese! So, Stinky, chicken, and cheese – that’s pooch paradise!

What does a typical “Toby Day” look like?

I wake up and then Sandy always scratches my belly. I won’t leave my bed until he does that while he sings the “Scratchy Song.”

Then I go pee-pee in many different spots in the neighborhood. That’s fun! Then Sandy takes me home and I eat doggie food with Salmon oil. I have a large assortment of squeaky toys, so the rest of the day is a lot of squeaking and pee-peeing.

What is your favorite thing to eat? Do you ever sneak people food?

I like Salmon oil. My humans give me peanut butter. Also, I have a fond memory of sneaking a big slice of cheese pizza from Costco. Sauce was all over my face and paws. So my humans figured out who swiped the pizza.

If you could tell children three things about owning a dog, what would you tell them?

Be nice to dogs. Don’t poke them. Brush their teeth with doggie toothpaste but don’t use your toothbrush. The people toothbrushes smell funny. After you give the dog chicken, scratch his head. Is that three? I don’t count, yet.

What advice do you have for parents whose kids want to get a cute doggie like you?

Well, make sure that the whole family will take care of the dog….walking him or her and feeding him and putting his poop in a bag. Doggies give lots of doggie kisses and love. We’re really fun to play with so get lots and lots of doggies!

Toby the Doggie takes your kids through a day in the life of Toby. He’ll show your kids some of the things dogs love to do (and some things they don’t love to do). At the end of the book 7 activity pages, filled with fun dog facts, teach your kids fun doggie facts, tips, and allow them to fill in important information about the care of their own dog. The e-book is available for purchase for only $2.99 from,, and iTunes.

*Guest post written by Amy from Oh So Savvy Mom.

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