Coupon for Sunbelt Bakery Products

Coupon for Sunbelt Bakery Products

Want a coupon for Sunbelt Bakery products?

Then get the coupon for Sunbelt Bakery Products here.

sunbelt bakery coupon

In 1964, Sunbelt Bakery started with a homemade granola recipe that people seemed to love. They loved it because it was wholesome, honest-to-goodness granola. But even more because it was simply delicious, with that special bakery-fresh taste.

Today that tradition continues. Sunbelt Bakery granola, granola bars, and fruit & grain bars are made right here in the USA in the family bakery and are delivered to your community weekly.  Reece, Betsy and I had the opportunity to try the Sunbelt Chocolate Chip Granola bars and both my kids loved them. Reece would come to me and ask if we had any more because the Sunbelt Bakery Dark Chocolate Chunk Granola bars were the best he has had. And we have tried a lot of granola bars.


All of Sunbelt Bakery products are made with no preservatives, because they don’t need them. They bring new batches to your community each week, so they’re on the grocery store shelf fast, not sitting in a warehouse for months on end. So whether you’re choosing one of the chewy granola bar flavors, a soft and delicious fruit & grain bar, or a wholesome granola cereal, you can feel good that your family’s getting that bakery-fresh taste—and no preservatives.

Besides the different flavors of Chewy Granola bars they offer (Dark Chocolate Chunk, Chocolate Chip,  Peanut Butter Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Oats and Honey, Golden Almond, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, Banana Harvest) they also off Seasonal Granola Bars.

Seasonal Granola Bars included Gingerbread, Apples Spice, Pumpkin Spice – YUM!

sunbelt bakery coupon

So, don’t miss out, find out more about Sunbelt Bakery and find our where you can buy their products here. And don’t forget your coupon!

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