Your Car Told Me a Lot About You

Did you realize how much information your car is giving out about you? I mean, I know I am all over online. But did you know your car could be giving out so much information?your car

From just the back of this car, I can deduce:

1. There is a mom, dad, baby, and other children in the home.

2. The elementary school the children attend.

3. Where the children play soccer.

4. They must be Panthers fans.

5. Where they attend church.

6. The daycare of their baby.

7. The “mommy” group the mom belongs to.

8. The swimming school the children attend.

I can deduce all those things based on the stickers from the back of this car. Maybe they are just in the advertising business and this is how they promote their clients, but my guess is that is not the case.

How much information are you giving out on the back of your car? And do you want to really be doing that?


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