Rockin’ Winter Wonderland – Ballantyne School of Music

Rockin’ Winter Wonderland – Ballantyne School of Music

So, you know, I am a total rock chick at heart. Yea, I can listen to everything across the spectrum, but give me some good old rock n roll and I am one happy girl! So when I was invited to the Rockin’ Winter Wonderland concert, hosted by Ballantyne School of Music in Charlotte, I jumped at the chance. While I really had no idea what to expect, I did expect some rock and I did expect kids to be doing the performing…and you know, as us old folks know, sometimes kids just don’t “get” rock music, right? So so so so SOOOOOOO wrong. How can I get the point across? THESE KIDS ROCKED THE STAGE BETTER THAN SOME SEASONED BANDS. Seriously. Their hard work and dedication paid off.

First up – Pink Fang.

When I saw these little kids up on the stage I thought,  (in my syrupy sweet Mommy voice that no one ever hears) “Oh, aren’t they so cute? They wanna play in a rock band.” Well I should have been slapped up side they head for saying that.  The first song in their set? TNT By AC/DC. Shut the front door. And they ROCKED IT!! I mean, it was awesome….

Next up – Civil Anarchy

Now that my kids are laughing at me about being SO wrong about the first band, I sit back and check out the playlist from Civil Anarchy. Sweet Emotion from AeroSmith? Paint it Black by the Stones? Are you even kidding me? Why the heck didn’t I wear my Motley Crue t-shirt???

These kids rocked it! They OWNED that stage like they had been playing arena’s from long ago…..


Next Up – NoteStorm

Now that I have fully embarrassed my kids by seriously rockin’ out to all this good music, NoteStorm comes on stage. Why Can’t This Be Love by Van Halen, Harden My Heart by Quarterflash, and The Chain from Fleetwood Mac was just part of their song line up. Seriously? I knew every song by heart and those kids BLEW those songs away. Seriously. I was so impressed I was whistling really loud much to the dismay of my kids.

And so now I am bummed…Only one more band to go….boooo hooooo….My rockin’ night is coming to a close and I wasn’t ready for it to end!!!

Next up, E.V.I.L…No, NOT EVIL, the letters are an acronym for…..Oh…man…I forget….But it wasn’t Evil as in the word….Now..where was I? Oh yea…Next up – E.V.I.L!

From Green Day to Coldplay to Rise Against (one of my FAV bands!), E.V.I.L knew how to put on a show and they ROCKED Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal so hard the crowd got to their feet! AHHHMAYYZING! Seriously, these are kids playing…who knew they could rock so well!!

All these kids attended the Ballantyne Music Jam Sessions.

But, did you know that Ballantyne School of Music is holding ANOTHER Jam Session and that performance will be in April at Amos’ South End? How cool is that?

Definitely keep your eye out for these kids from Ballantyne School of Music…I would be SHOCKED if they didn’t end up on the radio somewhere!
Thank you Ballantyne School of Music for inviting me to your event! Can’t wait for the next one!

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