There’s a Woodpecker in our Fireplace!

There’s a Woodpecker in our Fireplace!

The other day, I kept hearing a woodpecker. If you have ever heard a woodpecker, you know what I am talking about, “pppppeck, pppppppppppppeck, ppppppppppeck..“. I kept wondering where the heck the woodpecker was?

Upstairs, I could not hear it as loudly, downstairs in the family room it was the loudest.

I made the assumption there was a woodpecker somehow stuck in my fireplace.

“Oh my Gosh Mel, we have a woodpecker stuck in our fireplace! How do you get a woodpecker out of a fireplace?”

“What are you talking about?” Mel said..surely thinking I was a looney tune.


“Did you hear that?! That’s the woodpecker stuck in our fireplace!”

“Umm, no Katie, that is Reece’s phone. That is the sound it makes when the battery is going to die.” Now, he just wasn’t thinking I was a looney tune, he knew it!

So yea…I mistook a phone for a woodpecker…HA!


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