Me Against You? I Bet Win!

We have a special breed of drivers here in Charlotte. Tailgators, people who back up off interstate entrances when they realize there is a lot of traffic, people who roll through stop signs instead of stopping, you name them, we have them. Plus rogue deers, opossums, raccoons, turtles and other wild animals who take their chances darting into traffic.

The first year we moved here my husband was hit head on by a car who crossed the center divider. In one month I was t-boned by someone who ran a stop sign and then hit a deer and landed myself in a ditch.  It was at this moment I decided to not be environmentally conscious when it came to the vehicle I drive. If I couldn’t drive a tank, then let me get the next best thing, a Chevy Avalanche. A nice, big, sturdy truck like thing. I feel safe in it. I feel safe driving my kids in it.

I pulled up to the drugstore today and I saw this itty bitty car.

Smart Car in Charlotte
I guess it was a car, it actually looks more like a preschoolers toy don’t you think?

You could not pay me to drive that car or ride in it. I know, I know! It is an environmentally sound car, it doesn’t use a lot of gas, etc, etc. But, if that car even looks sideways wrong at another car I would not want to be in it!

Put that itty bitty car up against my truck.

Big Car in Charlotte

I bet I win.

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