What You Missed at the Beach, Blues, & BBQ Festival in Monroe, NC

What You Missed at the Beach, Blues, & BBQ Festival in Monroe, NC

A couple of weekends ago,  we headed out to the 4th Annual Beach, Blues, and BBQ Festival in Monroe, NC to show our support for Hometown Heroes. Since I have never been, I had no idea what to expect, except of course that there would be some serious BBQ eating going on!

Before we even saw what was happening, we could hear the music and smell the BBQ! As we rounded the corner we saw our very own HomeTown Heroes selling tickets to the BBQ! All proceeds from the sales of BBQ went to help all the kids of Hometown Heroes!


Walking through the sea of people, it was really difficult to decide which BBQ to sample. With each purchase you received 5 tickets for 3 oz samples of BBQ…How the heck am I supposed to decide which BBQ to try out??!!

As we walked around, we heard The David Michael Band performing – They could ROCK! I must see if they play anyplace local, I have to see then again!


There were lots of kids games and rides.


“Touch a Truck”


And even some tractor showing it’s skills lifting a basketball off something.

Or maybe it was a backhoe? Who knows, I am not a farmer…I can’t even keep a houseplant alive.


Back to the BBQ….we used some of our tickets..and then…we found THE ONE. The BBQ we KNEW would win top three in the competition…either by people’s choice or by the judges. It was “The Texas Outback Cookers” and it was amazing! SERIOUSLY. You know me…I am P.I.C.K.Y when it comes to what I will eat….I went went back for seconds. OK…sheesh! You caught me…I went back for thirds!!!


We knew they were going to win. WE KNEW IT.

After the first band, On the Border – An Eagles Tribute band came on..and they were AWESOME! They really did sound like the Eagles and everyone was standing around singing with them.

Even some of the spectators got up and started dancing.


Now, why were we here again? To support Hometown Heroes of course! Hometown Heroes helps families with children affected by cancer and every dime raised from the BBQ sales went straight back to the kids of Hometown Heroes. And I am honored to be a part of that group.

It was a fun day, good food, good friends, good music. All for a great cause.

The only bummer?

Our favorite BBQ, The Texas Outback Cookers,  didn’t place..at all. Seriously…if you missed the BBQ event, you HAVE to make plans to go visit the Texas Outback Cookers. They have the best BBQ EVAH!

The Texas Outback Cookers


See ya next year at the 5th annual Beach, Blues, and BBQ Festival!

And if you want to see what is going on with Hometown Heroes, because you KNOW they have events ALL THE TIME, you should check them out on Facebook!


Hope to see you at the next event!

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