I Am Afraid Of Snoopy but Betsy Has No Fear

I am not a fan of heights. At all. I am not a fan of anything I do not have control of. Remember when I did the Zipline at EcoSafaris in Florida at Brandcation?

Thank goodness that feeling of “lack of control” has not been passed down to my kids. We have gone to Carowinds 3 times this year. The first time Reece & Betsy would not go on ANY roller coasters. The second time, their friends came with them and to save face, they tried the coasters. And what do you know? They fell in LOVE with roller coasters.

Yesterday when we went to Carowinds, the kids convinced me to go on Snoopy’s Flying Ace Ariala kids roller coaster. I kept my eyes shut the entire time. LOL!

Snoopy’s Flying Ace Arial

This coaster takes guests on a high-flying adventure in ski-lift style seats that are suspended below the coaster track. Its non-stop, PEANUTS-style action as riders race around the track with “flying ace” Snoopy.

I didn’t like it and won’t be going on it again. Betsy and Reece on the other hand, LOVED IT.

Then it was time to go on the Afterburn.

The Afterburn is a  32-passenger, inverted steel coaster with floorless cars suspended below the track. Takes guests on six inversions including a space drop, a vertical loop, an immelman, a batwing, a flat spin and finally into a spiral.

Ok, NO WAY will I get on that. NO WAY JOSE! But Betsy, on the other hand, was MAD at Reece for not going on it a THIRD time with her.

I love the fact that Betsy & Reece have no fear of roller coasters. They have a blast every time they ride one. Betsy is not tall enough yet to go on the Intimidator and that ticks her off. But I am OK with letting her wait a year to get on this Monster! Reece on the other hand….he takes the Intimidator like its nothing!

The Intimidator

The tallest, fastest, and longest coaster in the Southeast!

Reece & Betsy are my little daredevils at heart and I LOVE IT! Betsy reminds me of my sisters a lot.

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