Good Boy Roy – Unique T-Shirts and a Pretty Cool Kid too!

Good Boy Roy – Unique T-Shirts and a Pretty Cool Kid too!

If you do not know I am a fan of Good Boy Roy, then you have never read my other blog, A Shoppers Quest! Several months ago I had the opportunity to review a t-shirt designed by Zack Hix, the artist behind Good Boy Roy. Plus, Good Boy Roy is based out of Simpsonville, SC!

Kim Hix is officially the full time CEO of Good Boy Roy. Good Boy Roy was created based on the drawings by her son Zack. Zack suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Tourettes Disorder Spectrum, ADHD, and Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep (PANDAS). What does this mean? It means his OCD drives him to compete against himself and others for perfection at all times, repeating the most minor tasks until he has it mastered. Sometimes causing great frustration, anger, rage, depression, and anxiety. Zack has no control over his emotions and has always overreacted to the most minor of situations, raging often, crying frequently, and riding a daily roller coaster ride of emotions.

Kim realized that drawing was a good outlet for Zack, something that could soothe him, as well as something he not only really enjoyed doing, but was really good at it! How did his drawings end up on T-Shirts? Well, why don’t we let Zack tell you:

From Zack: “The first character that came to life on a shirt was Roy, mom thought we should call him Good Boy Roy. Like me he really is a good boy but sometimes does things he should not do. And that is what I have always said after something happens that I did not mean to happen, I always say “I really am a good boy,” so Roy is kind of my alter ego.”

The next thing you know, Good Boy Roy is now a great line of T-Shirts. Kim is a champion for Zack and children like him. She encourages him in his drawings and hopes that one day this could be his business to support himself when he gets older. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do as parents? Give our children lessons on how to fly and then let them soar? In my opinion, Kim and Doug (her husband) are giving Zack EXCELLENT flying lessons!!!

Last week Zack and Good Boy Roy were featured on Fox Carolina Greenville. Check it out!

Zack and Good Boy Roy

Oh! But wait – on the video you can see (just for a second) the t-shirt Zack created for me and my soccer team!!!

Remember these shirts? My soccer team! Don’t they look great in these shirts?

Good Boy Roy T-Shirts

Read all about the Soccer Chicks!

Check out all the available designs on Good Boy Roy. But what is even better is Good Boy Roy also accepts ideas for designs and if Zack chooses one to draw and put onto a t-shirt they will send you one FREE!! They also do custom designs for athletic teams (remember Soccer Chicks Rule??), reunions, different functions…you name it…Zack can create. Good Boy Roy designs are for Little Kids and Big Kids alike!!!

Check out Good Boy Roy!

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