Does the As Seen on TV DrainWig Work?

Does the As Seen on TV DrainWig Work?

Drains are just….GROSS. Am I right? Who doesn’t get a little nauseated if they have to clean a drain out….especially a drain that is full of hair. EWWW. Cleaning a clogged drain is like fishing for a disgusting jackpot. But who really wins in that fishing for hair adventure? You or the disgusting monster of hair you pull up from your drain? The As Seen on TV DrainWig suggests you will be the winner because you no longer have to fight with a wire hanger (don’t tell me you haven’t tried it) and the As Seen on TV DrainWig makes cleaning out a drain a little easier.

The DrainWig can be used in the bathtub or shower. However, in order to make sure you are getting the best use of your DrainWig, you must clean out the drains FIRST. (Yes, get that handy dandy wire hanger ready!)

Drain Wig

The directions for use are pretty clear and reasonable.

Clear your drain.

Put the DrainWig in (bathtub or shower)

Monitor the amount of hair on the DrainWig periodically (don’t let too much hair get on it!)

Replace the DrainWig every 2-4 months.

Easy. Peasy.DrainWig

Have you tried the DrainWig before? Why not try it now? I mean, what an easy solution to a pretty nasty problem right?

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