Why Yes, Mel Did Win a Hula Hoop Contest at the Nascar Bank of America 500 #sprintexperience

Why Yes, Mel Did Win a Hula Hoop Contest at the Nascar Bank of America 500 #sprintexperience

Every year we go to the Nascar Bank of America 500 Race in Concord, NC. And every year before the race you can find us at the Sprint tent because they are always giving away something, always have the coolest drivers there, and of course, there is always a contest.

This year? Hula Hoop contest…and who entered? Oh yes, Mel did.

First round – Four women compete for the top girl spot. Poor Miss Sprint Cup did not know what to do when after 3 minutes these women were still hula hooping.

So, she made them go around in a full circle while hula hooping. No one lost their hoop.

Then she made them walk up and touch her hand, and walk back. One woman down. Now what?

Now, they had to to hula hoop using 2 hula hoops.

Second woman goes down. Third goes down. Phew. Finally. Now there is a woman winner.

Mens turn. This ought to be good. Mel against three other men. I knew Mel was going down. I knew it.

So they start and within 20 seconds the first man is out. I can see the men’s competition is going to be much quicker than the women’s.

The second guy is down after a minute.

Then Mel and the other guys hoops fall at.the.same.time.

Miss Sprint Cup asks the crowd who they thought was the winner and both men got lots of applause so they had a show down.

Two hula hoops this time….and the other guy’s hoop dropped first.

Now, Mel has to go up against a woman who can hula hoop for 10 minutes or more…while Mel was just trying to hold on for dear life.

No messing around here….Miss Sprint Cup goes for the double hula hoop straight up. “Yep, Mel is going to lose” I thought. Oh, how wrong I was.

Mel won the Hula Hoop Contest.

At a Nascar Race.

In front of hundreds of people.

Hundreds of men.

On a big screen.

I am not sure if he really wants that to be his claim to fame – Hula Hoop King – But I think the title suits him.

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