What A Weekend at Steph’s Taught Me

What A Weekend at Steph’s Taught Me

Last weekend I was able to hang out with my sister Steph. It has been far too long since we took a trip down to see her, and lo and behold, I found out quite a few things.

1. It can be pouring buckets of rain on mile marker 21 on the I-85, but on mile marker 25, the sun can be shining.

2. You can buy TOE Jam or Moonshine Jelly on the side of the road.

3. If you have long nails that are real and you go bowling, expect to break the three that go into a bowling ball.

4. The water is deeper than it looks.

5. The local homicide detective can be searching for murderers at night, but slip on his overalls with no shirt and burn wood in the backyard during the day.

6. Betsy is a great shot in water pong.

7. My nephew Courtney is an even better artist than I knew.

8. I miss my sister and her boys….

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