Traffic, Mud, Car Accident – What a Great Night

Traffic, Mud, Car Accident – What a Great Night

As you know Reece & I went to a Pre-Screening of The Pirates of the Caribbean the other night. Although we thoroughly enjoyed the movie, we had ourselves our own adventure throughout the night.

It was suggested we be at the theater at 6:45, but could not enter the theater after the movie started at 7:00 or they would give away our tickets. The theater is a 40 minute drive and we left in plenty of time to stop and get ourselves something to eat before we even got there.

Before the Movie

At 5:55 we were 8 miles away from the theater. We were also in STOPPED traffic. Almost a complete stop. We went 2.8 miles in 35 minutes. OH NO..I am not joking. I am stressing out because all I can think of is I had this special night planned for Reece and I and we were going to miss the movie!!!!

What caused all of this traffic? A truck, broken down on the side of the rode. UGH! As soon as we pass the bottle neck, my foot hit that gas. I was going to make it to the theater!

We parked t 6:50 and RAN to the theater. When I told the girl behind the desk who I was she says “Sorry it is at capacity.” Ummm, no, I have press passes.

At 6:52 she pointed me to someone else. I told her who I was and she said, “Sorry it is at capacity.” Again…“NO I have passes”. She points me to the theater the movie is in. The police officer at the door was blocking a dozen people from going in. TIME IS TICKING!!! I need to be seated BEFORE the movie starts!

The police officer looked stressed. Who wouldn’t be with a bunch of Jack Sparrow fans hanging around? He pointed me to the rep that says, “Yes, you have seats – up there.” PHEW!

At 6:56 I remember this was a 3D movie and we did not have glasses!!!! So Reece & I tear out of the theater to get the glasses and Reece says “I need to use the bathroom.” Go Go!!

At 6:59 I realize there is no time for food or a drink! We rush to our seats and as soon as we unwrap the glasses, the movie starts.

During the movie

Per my review, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and could not have asked for a better movie to watch with my son. Unfortunately for Reece he was sitting next to a girl that would not stop talking…or spitting when she talked, so his legs were doused with spit the entire movie.

After the Movie

As Reece and I were walking towards my truck, Reece slipped on mud….UGH.

Since we missed the chance at grabbing something to eat, I thought I would just run through and grab us a hamburger. We both took a bite of our hamburger, spit it out – GROSS! I don’t know what was wrong with the bun, but it was nasty. So we leave hungry.

But then, I have to stop and get gas for our way home and we went into the gas station and grabbed some crackers – we were starving!

As we sat in my truck, in a parking space, at the gas station Reece and I were laughing about all of bad luck we had all night when all of the sudden “BAM!”. I look at Reece wide eyed and say “He just hit my truck!!!”

Now remember, this is a new truck. New as in, I JUST made the SECOND PAYMENT!

I hop out of the truck and there is an older gentleman in his car trying to drive away! WHAT? I stood in front of his car and said “Get out! You hit my truck! I am not leaving!”

Thankfully he did get out. Thankfully he does have insurance. Although, while I was talking to him, I realized that he was scared. Was he scared of me? Did I remind him of those man-eating mermaids in the Pirates movie?

Although our night was full of bad luck, wrong moves, bad food, it was one of the best nights I have ever had with Reece.

While we were walking out to the truck he said to me, “Thanks Mom, that was a lot of fun.”

Best Son in the World

I could not have asked for a better night.

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