Super Cute, Unique Shoes for Little Girls and Big Girls from Kentuckiana Chic!

Super Cute, Unique Shoes for Little Girls and Big Girls from Kentuckiana Chic!

My sense of fashion is all over the place….sometimes girly, sometimes not so girly. However, I know what I like when I see it and when I saw these super cute, unique shoes for little girls from Kentuckiana Chic, I immediately posted on their Facebook page – “I want those! Do you carry my size?”

Kentuckiana Chic

Turns out, not only does Kentuckiana Chic offer super cute, unique shoes for little girls, but also for big girls, tweens, teens and adults! I was super stoked!

Kentuckiana Chic offers one of a kind blinged out converse shoes using genuineĀ Swarovski crystals . You will not find these shoes in any store!

Custom Shoes Offered

Sports Teams
Yankees, anything you want!

Hello Kitty
Sesame Street
Frozen, Sofia the First, you name it!


Favorite Colors

Matching Mommy/Daughter Shoes

Custom Laces

Custom Crystals, etc.

Sizes Available

Babies, Children, Adults

I ended up getting red shoes instead of purple…aren’t they so cute? I wear them everywhere! Every time I wear the Kentuckiana Chic Blinged Out Converse shoes, I get compliments. Aren’t they cute?

Adult Shoes

Kentuckiana Chic offers a wide range of custom shoes, but also offers shoes and other items in “Collections”.

Little Divas Collection

Little Divas Collection 3

Little Divas Collection 2

Collegiate Collection

Collegiate Collection

Holidays Collection

Holiday Collection

Kentuckiana Chic also offers “em-Bling-ishments” – Hand tied boutique style hair bows made for the hair and shoes.


And blinged out lunch boxes.

lunch boxes

Need more information?


*Note: I was given the above shoes. All opinions expressed are my own.


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