Find Unique Gifts at Suzie’s Pride

Find Unique Gifts at Suzie’s Pride

If you are looking for a unique present for the person who has everything, the person who loves big cats, or just about everyone, look no further than Suzie’s Pride!

Suzie's Pride Big Cat Sanctuary

Suzie’s Pride is a no kill, no breed sanctuary for big cats. While, not generally open to the public, they do have some special events every month, and usually a special event during the holidays. Check out Suzie’s Pride Event Schedule.

However, for that special someone you can ‘adopt’ one of the big cats.

Suzie's Pride Bug Cat Sanctuary

There are four (4) levels of adoption. Each comes with a behind the scenes educational tour of Suzie’s Pride, Certificate of Adoption and a 5×7 picture of your cat. The higher your level, the more people are invited to the tour.

Suzie's Pride Bug Cat Sanctuary

I actually adopted “Gabby” for my dad last year. Gabby, short for Gabrielle,  is the newest member of Suzie’s Pride; a 20 week old photo tiger cub who was rescued by Suzie’s Pride. When she came in, her fur and skin had been rubbed raw from the harness the original owners had her in. Now, she is enjoying her time at Suzie’s Pride.

Suzie's Pride Bug Cat Sanctuary

If adopting a big cat is not a unique gift, I don’t know what is. Click here to adopt a cat at Suzie’s Pride.

Suzie's Pride Bug Cat Sanctuary

Suzie’s Pride also offers Suzie’s Pride Big Cat Sanctuary products for sale via Cafepress.

Click here to to view Suzie’s Pride Big Cat items.

Recently Suzie’s Pride lost Sara, a female lion, after a short illness.

Suzies Pride, Big Cat Sanctuary


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