An Open Letter to Minnie – Stop Eating Glasses

An Open Letter to Minnie – Stop Eating Glasses

Dear Minnie,

We all know you are s super cute, super fun little doggie who happens to look like a rag doll. You are so cute and cuddly in fact, sometimes maybe we give you too much attention.


Maybe that is why when Betsy and Reece left for the day you got so lonely you felt like you needed to punish Betsy for leaving you, by chewing up her glasses. That she needs. That cannot be replaced for 5 – 10 business days and that she need for her out of town trip next week.

I found her glasses in three pieces. Both the lenses were out and one of the ‘arms’ was off.  So, thanks for that.

I had to put her glasses back together the best I could so Betsy could have a pair of glasses when she goes away next week.

glasses 1

They look great don’t you think? NOT….So thanks for that.


Listen dog, while Betsy was fully irresponsible for leaving her glasses where she shouldn’t, I do expect you to have a little respect yourself! If you get lonely when the kids are gone, please don’t chew anything else up. Come visit me. I am always upstairs working and will take the time to play with you. Just come visit. I have already lost a pair of shoes, flip flops, and boots to you, do you really need to start going after stuff that takes DAYS or even WEEKS to replace.

We understand each other?


Your dog mom.


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