McAdenville Doesn’t Hold a Candle to Highland Creek

McAdenville Doesn’t Hold a Candle to Highland Creek

Every year we head out to see Christmas Lights on houses a few days before Christmas. There is nothing like seeing all the houses lit up to get you in a Christmas Spirit, especially when you have kids.

Last year, we bit the bullet and headed down to McAdenville – Christmas Town USA. Located in Gaston County it is about a 30 minute drive from us. The whole town is lit up in Christmas lights with the tradition starting in 1956. McAdenville has received both local and national recognition! So I definitely wanted to see what the fuss was about! About 10 miles away from the exit to McAdenville, the interstate was STOPPED. DEAD STOPPED. There were so many people wanting to see the lights at McAdenville that there was a huge traffic jam…and being the impatient person I am…I just couldn’t sit in that traffic so we turned around and headed home.

We ended up driving in our own neighborhood looking for Christmas Lights and although we may not have all the lights McAdenville has, Highland Creek definitely is in the running!

No, we may not have 5,000 lights per tree like McAdenville, but what we do have is each other and a great neighborhood! My kids loved driving around this year, we actually made it a date! We wrapped presents, ate at Subway, then headed through the neighborhood listening Christmas music! I could not have asked for a better night with my kids!

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