Karate is Great for My Kids!

I love the fact that both of my kids are in Karate.

Reece is currently a Brown Belt and Betsy is currently a Green Belt!

Reece started Karate at a local recreation center 6 years ago. SIX YEARS AGO! And has been going weekly since then. Whenever he has other sports or activities we always work around his Karate schedule. I mean, he is almost at a black belt!

Up until last winter Reece had the same karate teacher. It was a shame to lose him and we still miss him, but we are forging forward.

If it seems like a long process to get a Black Belt – You are right! But that is ok with us, because I have finally figured out Karate is great for my kids.

Karate has taught my kids:


The importance of following through on your obligations.

If you work hard and practice, you can always get better.

You don’t use Karate to “fight”. You use Karate as a way to defend yourself and stay in shape.

Because Reece has been attending this class for so long, he has been able to establish real friendships as well. People outside of his neighborhood and school. Although Reece is not the “fighting” type, he actually used a karate move on a kid who was attacking him on the bus.

It was during his first year of Middle School and the kid sitting behind him was smacking him in the head. So hard in fact that Reece told me he felt like crying. After having taken just about enough (and with no interference by the bus driver I might add) Reece used a “back fist” and clocked the kid. After that, the kid never bothered him again.

That example is not to show you how to hit someone, or about violence, or bullying, or lack of supervision, but to show you that Reece’s hard work in Karate paid off, as he was able to defend himself. And just for the record, that was the first and only time Reece has ever hit anyone.

Betsy has jumped on the Karate wagon and I am glad to hear it! As a Green Belt, she still has a way to go, but she is also learning how to defend herself and getting exercise all the while!

Let’s just hope that we do not have a Karate Battle in my house between Reece and Betsy anytime soon!



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