Seriously…I owe Reece 20.00!

I love watching Reece play baseball. The kid can hammer the ball when he wants to. He is a power house. But he and I always bet before each game. Call it my competitiveness, call it fun, call it whatever you want but we make bets before each game.

Tuesday was the first playoff game. I bet him 20.00 he could not get to second base on a hit. I was wrong. I owe Reece 20.00.

When watching this video, you will also hear random and quite odd inspirations coming out of my mouth and Jenny’s mouth.

“Be the penny” - Came from when Reece saw a penny before the game and picked it up “for good luck” he said.

“Hit the Fence” - Comes from the fact that I KNOW he could hit the fence with that ball.

“Be the Fence” - Accidently said instead of “Hit the fence” by Jenny at one of the games and now it has stuck as a motivational saying for us!

Watch the video and see Reece knock that ball!



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  1. jenny

    thats cute :) specially when a strike went by n he didnt swing n you go uhhh! hahaaaa

  2. Katie

    HAHHHA Jenny – I know! I was hoping no one would hear that lol!

    • Katie

      Yes Barbara…I have learned never to just walk over any penny, nickel or dime, call it luck, call it superstition, but my kids have learned never to just walk over money either!

  3. Alison

    Love it! So cute! I’m a baseball gal myself, played softball for years! Goooo Reece! Love the little sayings. Can’t wait until I’m a momma in the crowd cheering on my boys. :)
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    • Katie

      Seriously Alison, being able to cheer my kids on in any of their events is one of my absolute favorite things to do as a mom! We have so many sayings around this house people would probably think we have some sort of a secret language lol!


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