I Needed My Sunglasses at the 80’s Party – #brandcation

I Needed My Sunglasses at the 80’s Party – #brandcation

On the last evening of Brandcation – Blog Cabin we had an 80’s party sponsored by Flashing Blinky Lights.

And oh, my, I should have worn my sunglasses there was so much neon on everyone. I grew up in the 80’s…graduated in ’88 (YIKES!), and if I remember correctly, there was a ton of neon!

But alas, I was not riding the “neon” boat. I didn’t in ’88 and I didn’t at the 80’s party.

But I can tell you, these Brandcation – Blog Cabin girls were rockin’ in their costumes!

All photos were provided by LoudMouth Photography/Not So Average Mama.

I, on the other hand, went completely off the neon course….I chose to dress up in the style of clothes I wore in the 80’s.

My poor parents. Can you imagine? HA!

Thanks Flashing Blinking Lights for sponsoring the 80’s party at Brandcation – Blog Cabin!

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