I Love Chloe….But I Want to Wring Her Neck

I Love Chloe….But I Want to Wring Her Neck

This is one of my dogs, Chloe. She is such a super dog sometimes! She is great with my kids, she has the best temperament I have ever seen in a dog, but sometimes I want to wring her neck.

We adopted her when she was two. I could not believe someone would just want to get rid of her – there was absolutely nothing wrong with her – NOTHING. Although, I have seen some of her flaws, but they are not that bad, a little endearing sometimes, but other times, she can get on my last nerve.

Poor little Chloe is a little baby at heart. She has a little separation problem. No, she does not go crazy when we are not home and tear things up or go the bathroom.

Her problem is that she does not like to sit or sleep without one of our belongings. She is a big girl, 120lbs, so you can hear her when she is coming. The other night, I went up to bed and I heard a “thump, thump” against the wall. It was Chloe walking up the stairs, tail wagging, hitting the walls, and she is walking slowly.

I think, what the heck does she have now? She walked into my room carrying my daughters bag –  clothes, hairbrush, and papers hanging out everywhere.

I am currently searching for my purse.

I am following the trail of items that were in my purse, but apparently, Chloe wanted to sleep with it, so she took my purse and carried it around the house, dumping my belongings as she went. I still cannot find my keys.

I love that doggy and the joy she brings to my family, but I can wring her neck sometimes.

If only she would tell me where she has taken my keys.

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