4 Reasons Why Boots are Great for Fall and Winter

4 Reasons Why Boots are Great for Fall and Winter

4 Reasons Why Boots are Great for Fall and Winter

Autumn is here, and that means we can look forward to gorgeous, jewel-toned leaves, evenings by a welcoming fire, and the joy of settling under a warm blanket or slipping on a luscious cashmere sweater. Fall brings many deep and peaceful joys to mind, and it also signals colder and wetter days ahead. A good pair (or two) of boots will serve you well through fall and winter because they are both beautiful and practical. Here are four reasons why boots are a great choice for fall and winter wear. After all, like diamonds, shoes are a girl’s best friend.

Keep Feet and Ankles Warm

The cold, blustery hours of a wintry day would seem a lot longer if your feet were cold and stiff. A nice pair of boots can take care of that problem. Ankle boots are very popular this season, and with good reason. They look great and go with everything from jeans to long skirts. They are suited for many styles, too, from office wear to casual clothes and even dressier outfits. Pair them with warm socks, and your feet and ankles can stay toasty warm for hours.

Protect Against Rain and Snow

Fall and winter can bring rain and snow along with cold temperatures, and boots can protect your feet and legs from seasonal moisture as well as cold temperatures. Some boot styles are more protective than others that are made for fashion alone. Boots, however, can help keep your feet, ankles, and legs dry and still look fashionable, because there are so many styles. Tall boots are a good choice because they keep your legs dry. Some styles protect your calves and end just under your knees. Others extend over your knees and look great with shorter skirts.

Look Terrific

The thing about boots is that they look good no matter what. Whatever style of boots you choose, you can dress quickly in many different types of outfits for a number of occasions and pull your look effortlessly together with a pair of boots. Somehow, boots make it look like you took hours to get ready even if you only took minutes. High-heel boots look good for any occasion, but if you prefer something different, there are many styles of boots with low heels. Look for those with low heels and square noses for a 1970s vibe.


Boots are footwear that goes beyond fashion. They can help you express your own personal style. You may feel right in lace-up black military styles, or you may not look at anything but suede boots with chunky high heels. Boots are right for just about any occasion. The beauty of boots is that they are as classic and versatile as pumps and ballet flats, so you can easily find styles and colors that fit into the types of outfits that you are most comfortable in and most like to wear.

A Brief History

Boots have been worn in the one-piece form we know since about 1,000 B.C. They were worn by people all over the world, and while they have long been more for service and function rather than for fashion, women in the 1960s made boots their own, choosing to wear them for fashion and style reasons as much as for their practicality. Since then, boots have become a staple in many women’s shoe collections, and they are especially favored in the fall and winter months.

The Truth About Style

It is time to talk about style. Fashion is not the same as style. Fashion is about enjoyable, to-the-minute pieces that you have fun wearing for a season or maybe two. Style, however, is how you express yourself to the world. Renowned film director Alfred Hitchcock called style “self plagiarism.” It is a manifestation of your own unique way of seeing the world and how you believe you fit into that vision.

The Bottom Line

The truth is that while magazines and the Internet can tell you a great deal about fashion, they cannot dictate your own personal style to you. Nobody can. Boots are a good choice because they are useful as well as fashionable, and there are so many styles that you likely can find a pair that fit into your life. They are especially favored in fall and winter, but because they are so versatile, they look great all year. Remember that your personal style belongs to you, and ultimately, you should feel comfortable moving through the world. That is beauty.

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