Which Do You Prefer Yellow or Pink?

Yellow or Pink…that is the question.

The first year I lived here, during the Spring, my sister Stephanie was driving  us somewhere when she said, “You know Spring is right around the corner when you see the Forsythia blooming.”

Me, not knowing my way around a watering can let alone a garden, asked “What are Forsythia?”

She replied, “Those yellow bushes you see everywhere.”

I started looking around and all could see was a bunch of yellow weeds. Where were these beautiful bushes she was talking about? I dropped it because I did not want her to know just how much of an inexperienced gardener I was.


Later, I found out that those yellow “weeds” I was looking at were the Forsythia!!!

I have seen a lot of blooming bushes and flowers in North Carolina since I have moved here and my absolute least favorite are Forsythia. I just cannot stand the way they look. I think it is the yellow color to be honest. I am not particularly fond of yellow flowers now that I think about it.

I much prefer the pink, white, and lavender flowering trees and bushes like these Dogwoods.

Dogwood Tree

Or the bright pinks, purples, and blue flowers. But not yellow.

So, which do you prefer? The yellow Forsythia or the Pink and White Dogwoods?

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