When Allergie’s Attack – I Attack Back!

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Lately, poor Betsy has been suffering from allergies…coughing, sneezing, running nose, you name it, she has it. Here in North Carolina I think the only season no one in my house suffers from allergies is Winter. Luckily for me, Walgreens is right around the corner.


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I currently have several Walgreens Brand Health & Wellness Products in my house right now, but my favorite right now, by far, is “Walitin for Children”. An allergy medicine, it is at least 3.00 less than the name brand and it works just as well. I know, I have tried both! Why should I spend more money on a product just because of it’s name?


When Betsy uses “Walitin for Children” her symptoms are reduced tremendously and she can continue to have her Summer Fun! Thanks Walgreens! .giveawaysgiveaways

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