Top 10 Attractions in New York State

Top 10 Attractions in New York State

New York State features a variety of attractions ranging from culture and food to museums, arts, and entertainment. There are many things to do and see in New York that are breathtaking.

Here are some of the places to visit in New York.

1. Empire State Building

Your visit to New York is incomplete if you haven’t visited this masterwork of Art and Deco design. It is the most famous building in New York. It boasts of a magnificent lobby and a spectacular ceiling mural, and a perfect observatory. The Empire State Building is a romantic venue for a date. It also has an exhibit center for sketches, reproduction photos, and other artifacts. From its observation deck, you can spot other New York landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge and the Statue of Liberty.

2. Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom. Located on Liberty Island, the statue offers you a superb vacation snapshot.

3. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is nature’s wonder of the whole of North America. It attracts millions of visitors annually from all over the globe. The falls walkways and sightseeing boats will take you right to the base.

4. Brooklyn Bridge

brooklyn bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is perched over the gleaming East River and connects Brooklyn to Manhattan. Here, you will enjoy the spectacular skyline view. The most outstanding features of the bridge are its tall towers to which the cables are attached. The Brooklyn Bridge is a marvelous place to visit with its Gothic arches standing beautifully tall.

5. St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is one of New York’s most treasured sacred attractions. It is also one of New York’s top tourist destinations. The temple is known for holding mass seven times every day. It also has a gift shop for books, rosaries, and candles. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is a breathtaking masterwork with magnificent crafted stained glass windows.

6. Watkins Glen State Park

The Watkins Glen State Park is located at the southern tip of Seneca Lake. It is famous for summer auto racing and many salt wells. It is a gorgeous site to see with a formation of rocks and cliffs that rise to as high as 300 feet over the stream. It has a total of 18 waterfalls.

7. Central Park

Central Park

Central Park is found in the heart of Manhattan. The park has a lot to offer including running, walking, chess-playing, bicycle riding, ice-skating, and fishing. You will enjoy the tranquil atmosphere at this park. Central Park has featured in more than 300 different films.

8. Thousand Islands

This area has numerous islands dotted over a 50-mile stretch of St. Lawrence River. It is a wonder scene to view. You will greatly enjoy a cruise in these islands.

9. Lake Mohonk

Lake Mohonk

Located in New Paltz, Lake Mohonk is a remarkable place to tour. It features the Mohonk Mountain House which is a spectacular, old Victorian castle resort. Here, travelers can buy Mohonk Mountain House gifts, such as ornaments, jewelry, and mugs.

10. Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum

Located on the Hudson River inside the aircraft ‘Intrepid’, the museum gives you a tour of spy planes, space shuttles, and submarines. The Intrepid served in the Cold War, Vietnam War, and World War II.

New York has numerous places to visit, and all these can serve as a great holiday or vacation experience for both you and your family. From the modern city skyscrapers to the world of nature, you will greatly love your New York experience.

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