Three Must-Haves for an Awesome Workspace in the Garage

Three Must-Haves for an Awesome Workspace in the Garage

Three Must-Haves for an Awesome Workspace in the Garage

Do you like to work on DIY projects in your garage? Maybe you repair household items for your family. Regardless of the project, you need the proper space to work in. Look at three must-haves to create the perfect workspace in your garage.

Excellent Lighting

If you have a workbench, you need the right type of lighting above it, so you can really focus on the details of a project. Some people like hanging fluorescent lights above a workbench. These give you a pool of light to work in. Others prefer a light they can adjust when necessary. Make sure you have plenty of light, so you can work on your projects late at night, early in the morning or any other time of the day.

Comfortable Seating

A stool is the traditional type of seat paired with a workbench in a garage. But, just because a stool is a practical item, doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Get a stool with a thick cushion on it or one with a back you can lean on when stretching your muscles. Be sure your stool is the right height, so you don’t have to hunch forward to work on your projects.

Adequate Storage Space

Tools, extra parts and cleaning supplies are just a few of the items you need in a garage workspace. Having adequate storage space for these items helps you keep them organized and safe. If you have a lot of tools and other items, you may want to go with floor to ceiling cabinets. If you have fewer items, you can go with a rolling cabinet. It’s a good idea to get one with a little excess space so have room for any useful items you pick up along the way.

Finally, make your garage workspace all your own by decorating it with posters or prints you like. Put out a radio or CD player so you can play music while you work. Create a place you love to spend time in no matter the project!

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