There is a New Dancer in Town – Reece!

There is a New Dancer in Town – Reece!

When Reece told me one of his electives was “Dance” I was like “OooKaaay – I didn’t even know you liked to dance.” But he has been coming home showing me all his new moves and I was super happy that he was enjoying himself.

Although, I must admit I think he joined Dance to be with the “girls” but little did he know the girls and boys had separate dance classes – HA HA!

The other night was their Dance Recital. If you didn’t show up, you would have to write a big long paper, so needless to say, most of the kids showed up.

The dances were divided between girls and boys and then by grade. I must say, it was a lot of fun to watch and Betsy even told me when she gets to Middle School she wants to take Dance as an elective!

I was so excited that Reece went out of the box and did this in front of a PACKED gymnasium. He had a wonderful time and really enjoyed himself!

Check Reece out!

(He is the one in the black and white Nike shoes in the middle row.)

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