Predatory Booting by United Towing?

Predatory Booting by United Towing?

I read an article about how people are upset that their cars were being booted in a parking a lot.  Because of the title of the article, Charlotte Drivers Complain about Predatory Booting, I thought for sure something was being done completely wrong and illegal.

But alas, that is not the case. At least from what I read. Starbucks customers are using parking lots for other businesses, where numerous signs are posted telling them not to park there.

Then, the following events take place:

Some customers ignore the signs telling them not to park there, they say, who cares, that sign is not meant for me, and park there anyway.

Their car is booted.

Then they complain to the Better Business Bureau because they feel United Towing, one of the towing companies in question, were “lying in wait” or being predatory in their booting strategies.

I do not claim to know the ordinance of predatory anything, let alone predatory towing, in Charlotte, but I do know this.

The sign that says “DO NOT PARK HERE” means do not park here. It means you will get in trouble if you park here. If you park here anyway, because you think you are above the rules, then you deserve to have your car booted, whether a towing company sat there and waited for you to park or not.

If you didn’t park there, they couldn’t tow or boot your car.

So really, the responsibility should land on YOUR shoulders for parking illegally. It’s really easy to avoid all this. Read the sign that says “No Parking” and keep driving. What do you know, your car won’t be booted. Imagine that. You followed the rules and nothing bad happened.

Funny how that works.


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