Polar Plunge in Blowing Rock, January 2012 BRRRRR!! @BRInfo

Polar Plunge in Blowing Rock, January 2012 BRRRRR!! @BRInfo

Yes, we headed to Blowing Rock, NC over the weekend to participate in the Polar Plunge. Well….I didn’t exactly participate, I was more like a cheerleader for Mel and Reece.  I was happy to watch them freeze their tails of, thank you very much.

It was 30 degrees outside when the jump took place…the water temperature?

45 degrees!

Check out some of the pictures from the Blowing Rock Polar Plunge!

And of course the video of Mel and Reece “plunging” into Chetola Lake.

If you got a laugh out of the MC, that was Tracy Brown (who was the last one to jump by the way)….Man he had the crowd laughing. It was like watching a comedy show with added bonus of people jumping into ice cold water.

Don’t think the water was cold? Check these pictures out of Reece’s jump!

Photo By Guy Bryant

Photo By Guy Bryant

Now that looks like it is some painfully cold water!

Photo by Amy Sturkey

Photo by Amy Sturkey

We were lucky enough to meet Guy and Amy on our trip and funny enough they were also staying at The Cliff Dwellers Inn! They were kind enough to give me the above photos of Reece. You can check out some of their other photography at http://guyandamysphotos.shutterfly.com/. The pictures are so awesome I asked if they were professional photographers. Guy’s answer “…serious amateurs..” Amy’s answer “…just hardcore amateurs…”. Well holy moly….that is some pretty awesome photography for being “amateurs”. I must not even be close to an amateur…maybe I am a pre-amateur in my photography skills! HA!

Thank you so much Guy & Amy.

Oh..Back to the Polar Plunge! I was so proud of Reece for actually doing the Polar Plunge. He was really nervous (so was I!) but he faced his fear and did it. And Betsy…she is so cute. When Reece was trying to find a reason not to jump, she kept saying “But you are doing it for charity!” That was all it took for him…the fact that is was for charity…and I think bragging rights may have played a small part too!

Wouldn’t you be proud of these two?

This year the proceeds from the event will benefit Wine to Water, a charity founded by Doc Hendley of Boone, one of CNN’s Top Ten Heroes of 2009. Wine to Water has provided clean drinking water from wells to a dozen Third World countries, and the Polar Plunge proceeds will be used to help build a well in Ethiopia.

Want to see more videos of The Polar Plunge in Blowing Rock?

Blowing Rock, NC was named “Prettiest Town in North Carolina” by a group of in-state journalists and writers. And I must say, I agree with them. Blowing Rock has become one of my favorite places to visit. Every time we visit I experience something new, see something different, and completely enjoy myself!

Come back later this week to find places to eat in Blowing Rock as well as a round up of what we did during Blowing Rock’s Winterfest!

Our thanks go out to The Blowing Rock Visitors Center  and the Cliff Dwellers Inn for making our trip to Blowing Rock for the Winterfest so much fun! We will be back!

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