Plan and Enjoy Your Camping Trip

Plan and Enjoy Your Camping Trip

Bugs. Bears. Alone.
In the dark.
No one around for miles.  


When I heard the word “camping” those used to be the first thoughts into my head.  However, camping does not have to be so desolate and if you go prepared you could avoid bug bites, bears and even the pitch black if you want to. You do however, need to relax and realize you will get dirty, you will probably see bugs, but you will also enjoy what Mother Nature has created and create some fantastic memories of your own.

How can you plan and enjoy your camping trip?

Before You Go

Pick the right campground – In North Carolina there is every type of campground you could possibly imagine. From camping out in the middle of nowhere, to camping in an actual cabin, there are a variety of campgrounds to choose from. Like to fish? Find a campground that is on a lake or pond. Think you or your kids would like to go swimming? Find a campground with a pool. The first, and most important step in making camping a fun vacation is to find the right campground for your particular needs.

Camping waterfalls

Plan your meals ahead of time – Plan your meals before you go and pack them properly. If you think you are going to catch fish every night and eat fish for three days, I am going to guess someone in your group won’t be too happy. For some not so average camping meals, refer to page 20. Remember to pack your food properly – Using ice, ice chests, etc. You do not want your frozen foods to thaw, ruining it before you have a chance to eat it.

While You’re There

Be Prepared – Follow all the instructions given to you at the campground. They are not giving you rules for the fun of it. Sometimes, there are very serious matters at hand, like bears. Campgrounds will normally warn you if there are any bears around, but you can also take precautions to keep bears and other wild animals away from your camp site. Keep a clean campsite, deposit garbage in wildlife resistant containers, and keep all food and food related items in a closed vehicle.

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Enjoy Mother Nature – Plan to explore the area around your campsite. From the rolling hills, to the crystal blue waters, waterfalls, and even the trees and flowers can take your breath away – as long as you are looking. Plan on walking trails and exploring; you never know what beauty may just be up ahead.

Be Friendly – If you are in a campground surrounded by other people, invite them over to share a s’more. Invite them to play a board game. Other campers will be just like you – worn out from playing all day and would not mind relaxing by a fire at night having a little small talk.

Camping Food

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