Music Helps Us Feel Things

Music Helps Us Feel Things

Music has a way of uplifting the spirit in a gentle easy way. Just as music can help us remember, it can also help us forget. It serves many purposes but has one central theme; Music helps us feel things.

A Powerful Art Form…
Music is almost always a part of any celebration or group activity. Even funerals provide music to soothe those mourning a loss and to add a source of comfort to the sad occasion. Can you imagine a funeral without the sound of music to provide background support and comfort? It would be a stark event. As we move through the different seasons of our lives, music is that steadfast friend that is always there to provide support, comfort, and excitement to any event or occasion in our

As a Way of Teaching…
Music is often part of the school curriculum in many places. It acts as a bridge and a tool for learning in a light-hearted joyful way. Both language development and memory are stimulated and improved with the help of music. It also encourages imagination and builds intellectual curiosity. Hands down, music is a powerful tool for teaching and keeps those involved, actively engaged.

As a Source of Healing and Connecting…
Dealing with an illness of any kind can be trying for anyone. Medicines can help rid our bodies of the pain and the symptoms, but often we need something more. We need to be whisked away to another place, where we can escape the confines of our pains and our sickness. Music can take us on a trip without leaving the room. It has been hailed as therapeutic for many years, and both classical and baroque music have been said to help aid in self-healing. One thing for sure, the street pianos in NY have played a part in the healing, unifying, and transformation of many lives.


Music is truly the soundtrack to our lives. It’s been there throughout our many seasons. Without the familiar and unfamiliar sounds of music, our events celebrations, and even our mourning would somehow be less memorable and poignant. It’s the backdrop to help us heal, unite, learn, and even transform. Without it, our world would be less meaningful and stimulating.

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