Love Your Bedroom

Love Your Bedroom

If you’ve ever stepped into a store like Anthropologie and become enthralled with the stunning decor, it might be a great idea to incorporate that style of decor in your own bedroom. To recreate a look that’s similar to what you see in Anthropologie might seem like a difficult feat. However, there are a few key elements you need in order to get started. Purchase these four key pieces to get started.

1. Distressed Furniture
You can approach this step in two different ways. You can go to a local furniture store and purchase distressed furniture. You might even want to consider looking online to see what’s available. No matter what, always make sure to take measurements and know what fits well in your space. The option is a DIY project. Go to your local thrift store and purchase a wooden piece of furniture. You can choose to distress a wooden bed, dresser or side table with an electric sander. This is a process that allows you to customize the piece to your liking.

2. Color Palette
Bohemian-inspired rooms tend to have a base of muted colors like cream, tans and soft pinks. Then, build upon that with bright colors. Use muted colors for the walls, but feel free to add a statement wall that’s painted in a standout color. Choose pillows, blankets and decorations in bright colors that’ll complement the base yet add visual interest.

3. Lace, Silk and Soft Cotton
Fabric choices are extremely important. For bohemian-inspired decor, it’s wise to use lots of soft fabrics like lace, soft cotton and silk. Purchase lace curtains to allow light in the room. Lace is also extremely romantic and delicate. The same applies to silk. Purchase silk pillows as they are cool to the touch and add a sensual and inviting look to a room. Pauls Home Fashions and similar stores provide a wide variety of delicate fabric options.

4. Soft Lighting
Chandeliers are excellent for decorating a bohemian-styled bedroom. Visit sites like and to find interesting light fixtures that you wouldn’t find in your standard home decor store. In order to create an authentic look, it’s best to make sure you have a few pieces that are completely one-of-a-kind. Interesting lighting is perfect for a conversation piece that’s different and unique.

As you continue to build the look, it will evolve. After a few months, you might realize that certain elements are missing. Be engaged in the process and be open to the process of change. Before long, you’ll have a bedroom that reflects your personality perfectly.

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