It’s Not Against the Law to do WHAT in North Carolina??!!

It’s Not Against the Law to do WHAT in North Carolina??!!

I am forewarning you – You may not like to hear what I am about to say. It might make you uncomfortable, it might make you sick, it might make you mad…

One lovely evening I was driving my 9 year old daughter out of our neighborhood for a sleepover. On the corner of the street, which leads into another neighborhood were three young men – teenagers – like big teenagers – like 200lb teenagers. One of them was staring at us. And not two seconds later that kid turned around, pulled his pants down and displayed his rear end for my daughter to see. My blood turned cold. Are you even kidding me?! That little jerk! How DARE he show his rear end to my daughter.Β 

I kept driving, but I looked in the mirror and these kids were high fiving each other. are cool you showed your rear end to a 9 year old. I was so mad I could hardly drive. This Mama Kat had her claws out …and sharpened. Don’t mess with my cubs.


When I got home, they were still on the corner. We had to take Reece to baseball practice and Mel and I took separate trucks – He left first. As he pulled out I could see him talking to those kids. I pulled up beside him. He told me that they told him “No sir, we would never do that.” Liars on top of creeps. I said, “Oh yes, that was them.”

Mel put his truck in reverse…I could see the anger in his eyes. I would not have wanted to be on the receiving end of that anger. Those kids took off running so fast it was a blur. But, luckily for those kids, there was a car behind Mel so he couldn’t follow them.

I was still seething. Those little creepy boys…how dare they pull down their pants in front of my daughter!!! So I called the police. After speaking with the officer, since I didn’t know them or where they lived, he really couldn’t do anything but would keep the file open just in case. The officer was great. He did everything he was supposed to do.

About a month later, the officer called and told me he had to close the file because…wait for it….IT IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW IN NORTH CAROLINA TO SHOW YOUR REAR END. Are you even kidding me? No seriously..pinch me because surely I must be dreaming. Hmmmm….let’s think about this. This stupid kid did not show his rear end to MEΒ  – an ADULT.


And that’s not against the law?


Then I guess how the parent reacts to this shouldn’t be against the law either.

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