Home Office Make Over Before & After

First of all, let me say I cannot believe I will actually be showing you the mess my office was before I decided to do a Home Office Make Over!

But I figure I am not the only one that had a messy office and I am sure I am not the only one who wanted to spruce mine up!


Messy Office

Utter Chaos! Papers and boxes were everywhere. I had no idea what I needed to do, where to put anything I was finished with!

Plus, the window covering I had, although I really liked the look of it (brown bamboo) at night, you could see directly in my window and know what I was doing at my computer at every minute!

Messy Office

I would walk into my office every morning and be miserable. It is hard to start a day when the first thing you do is have to face an eye sore! Nothing was organized, nothing was where it was supposed be!!

What needed to be changed?

Remove Clutter

Organize Files

Change Window Decor

Decorate it so I Enjoy Being in Here

How did I de-clutter?

Put out 3 boxes – Toss, Giveaway, Keep

* Toss – Anything that was trash or needed to be shredded went in this box

* Giveaway – Anything that could be donated went in this box

* Keep – Everything I needed or wanted to keep was kept in this box.

Once I thought I went through everything, I went through my “Keep” box again. That is because at the moment sometimes you keep things you really shouldn’t. After going through mt “Keep” box again, I was able to get rid of 1/3 of that box again!

Organize Files

This took a little time. Using the file folders and organizational products I got from Carolina Pad and the labels I received from Avery, I was able to properly organize my file to my liking. Now, there is a place for everything I do. Receipts, blog conferences, PR Reps, Paid/UnPaid Bills, and more!

Change Window Decor

Window Decor can be pretty expensive and sometimes we ignore the windows because, well, they are windows! However, I bet when you walk into a place, when you see windows that actually have nice decor, it actually can make the room look nicer?

I did not want to spend a lot of money on my window, but I needed something to block out the night as well as spruce up my office! I looked around and it was not hard to find window decor on clearance in many stores. I think I ended up buying my two panel window covering for 8.00 at Walmart! That’s can’t be beat!

Decorate so I Enjoy Being In My Office

Again, I did not want to spend a lot of money re-decorating my office. The best idea I had was to use what I already owned. Just by re-arranging you can make your old stuff look new! I pulled pictures and a plant from another room and added it to my office. I changed some of my photos out. I did however head on over to Pier One Imports! They have some really cute decor items that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. I spent 15.00 at Pier One!


Clean Offic
Clean Office

Now that I finished my Home Office make over, I am a happy camper! It is organized and looks good and I will enjoy every minute I am in here!

PHEW! After all this work I think it is time to treat myself to dinner!

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